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CAMNEC is a company based in Cameroon and specialized in the import and distribution of mounting materials such as screws, fixing nuts and various type of assembly for the wood and metallic industry. CAMNEC is created by Mr. Denis Honoré Tékougang Denis Honoré TÉKOUGANG back in 2005. He is known for his rigorous and innovative leading style. He is assisted by Mr. FONGANG Alexis who graduated in Germany get a long works experience as engineer. Both are leading a team of 5 collaborators TO SERVE THE INDUSTRIALS WORLD

Over the time with the industrialization of the central Africa sub-region and the growing in the need of appropriate industrialized equipment, CAMNEC recognized the need in the welding area and decided to focus on the importation and distribution of outstanding welding material "made in Germany". Thus since 2013 CAMNEC has enjoyed the privilege of having a high degree of valuable technical support from his German Provider ABICOR BINZEL SCHWEITECHNIK and JÄCKLE SCHWEITECHNIK, well knows names in the welding world.

To insure an excellent customer relationship CAMNEC offers an after sales service, support and consulting services for companies of any size specialized in metallic construction, metalwork and the fabrication of metallic furniture. Our Engineers are trained in Cameroon as well as in Germany.

Abicor binzel

for torches, MIG MAG, TIG, PLASMA and others accessories



for the weldings machines


About our products

CAMNEC is a modern company specialized in the distribution of installation equipments including screws and fixing nuts of any size, appropriate welding professional equipments for any kind of welding process..

CAMNEC offers various choices of equipments such as stick welders, semiautomatic welding machines (MIG, MAG) TIG welding machines and Plasma cutting machines, which bring an optimal value to the welders. You will discover a range of welding accessories including blow torches, spare parts, and welder’s protection equipments.

Our qualified staff is trained to provide you with the best recommendations that are adjusted to meet our client’s specific needs. Moreover our qualified experts from Germany offer an exceptional support in the elaboration of your projects.

We has the privilege in Cameroon to represent the blow torches fabricants worldwide no1 : ABICOR BINZEL SCHWEISSTECHNIK and JÄCKLE SCHWEISSTECHNIK which provide us with different welding machines types.

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To serve the industrials world

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